I believe

1. In movement every day
2. Abs are made in the kitchen
3. Fitness is 90% nutrition

As a child, I played little league baseball. But as an overweight kid, I found myself spending most games sitting on the bench. And, I was bullied for my weight. Then, I saw the movie Rocky, which inspired me to become the underdog that beat the odds! I became passionate about surfing at age 16, and about weight training around age 20.

Now, I’ve been working out about 35 years. When I first started training 35 years ago, it was all about very heavy weights: basic movements like bench press, squats, and deadlifts. Today, after two shoulder surgeries and herniated back and neck discs, I have learned that moderate weight, great form and intensity are much better for my body. I plan to utilize this formula for the next 35 years! I have learned that fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.

Over the years I have developed an understanding of the value of life, work, family, fitness, and spiritual health. They are all intertwined for me. I also have seen too many people spend most of their life building wealth at the expense of their health, then the remaining years of their life spending their wealth trying to regain their health.

I have made a commitment to having the fullest life possible!

My workout routine is consistent; I work out every day. My morning workouts are what actually get me going for the day. My typical schedule includes 5 days per week of weight training, 1 day per week of cross/functional training (sled, boxing, ropes, crawls, etc.) and 1 day per week of outdoor stairs. This daily routine of mine has been a saving grace throughout the years!