Style should be simple, understated, and classic. Less is more.

As far back as I can remember, I was always particular about my wardrobe. I was taught that being polished in your physical presentation was a sign of respect to those around you. To this day, even though the status quo for work week apparel and beyond has drastically changed, I still choose to have a pulled together look, day in and day out. Especially in competitive industries, presentation is not only key, but it can be the ultimate deal breaker when working to close a deal. (For more on this, check out my blog post “Why I Wear What I Wear.”)

When it comes to clothing, I believe it’s all about the cut. Clothes must fit properly, from suits to jeans. Looking good in your clothing builds confidence and makes you feel good. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for and I believe it’s worth it to pay a little more for good quality clothing. Look at it as an investment in yourself!

Why I Wear, What I Wear

Even as a child, when I first started school, I was very particular about my clothes. By the time I was in college the TV show Dynasty was popular and they wore a lot of great suits. That, I think, was the light bulb for me to say “Yeah, that’s how I want to dress.”

Brand Ambassador

There’s nothing like the feeling of putting on a custom suit and knowing it fits perfect. It just gives me much more confidence as I prepare for my day. I also feel it is the respectful thing to do for my clients; it shows that I really care and that their money management is important to me.

b.spoke’s mission aligns perfectly with my clothing philosophy, which is why I am proud to be a brand ambassador. Owned by my long-time friend Dave Welch, b.spoke is the ultimate experience in custom-tailored clothing. From unparalleled fabrics born in the top mills all over the world to the details that will make your attire special, b.spoke will make you look and feel your best!