My family is what inspires me to get up every day and do what I do; I enjoy my work and my passions, but they would be nothing without the love of my family. My family is no longer “traditional” — I have older children (daughter Nicole 37 and son Christian 32), two grandchildren (8 & 5), a wife of 13 years, and my daughter Tehani, is age 5.

I met my wife Tina in 2004 at the Newport Beach Film Festival through a mutual friend. As it turned out, I have seen Tina every single day since that day! Tina is my light and my love; she is an incredible mom and an amazing wife.

Tina’s mom and family are from Tahiti, so she spent most summers in Tahiti growing up. Tina took me to meet the family in 2005 and it has become almost a second home to us. In 2017, for the first time, we took a family vacation all together to Moorea, Tahiti. It was an amazing trip and one of the most memorable times of my life.

I love spending Saturday and Sunday mornings with my daughter, Tehani. On a typical Saturday morning, we will be up early, watching one of her favorite shows (Moana, The Good Dinosaur, or Elmo). Then, we head off into town for breakfast and the Farmers Market. Afterward, we’ll hit the beach or the park, and run some errands. Not only is this amazing time we get to spend just one on one, but it also gives my wife Tina a great break to catch up on things or to just relax.

I am incredibly thankful for my family; they are my true North, my motivation, and what drives me on a daily basis!