It’s no secret that I have a passion for wine and fine dining. As a wine enthusiast turned Certified Sommelier, I love sharing my knowledge and passion for wine with others. Part of the adventure for me begins with understanding the types of wines, their composition, and what they pair best with to provide a complete experience with any meal.

The general rule of thumb for pairing the actual flavor of wine with food is based on the “like-with-like” philosophy, which teaches us to pair butter sauces with an oaky, buttery type of wine. Or, to pair salty, briny wines with seafood and red meat with red wine, etc.

That being said, I am a firm believer in making your own rules — drink what you like with what you like! For example, on Thanksgiving, a standard go-to is to choose a buttery Chardonnay to match the buttery turkey. However, I will often select a Pinot Noir or a Rhone blend to bring out the cranberry side of the dinner.

I write about wine on my blog frequently; below, you’ll find a selection of my recent articles.

Wine Tasting Videos